First blog review!!

Hey Guys! So this is my very first blog review and of course I picked one of my favorite makeup brands to review; Anastasia Beverly Hills!

I recently purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation in Beige and their contour color in Mink. I was so excited to finally try this product and when I tested in store, I absolutely loved it and the color matched my skin tone perfectly; so definitely a thumbs up for the foundation colors!

I actually used this product for a look I did this past weekend and when I applied it on my face, the texture of the foundation was very creamy and it is a very full coverage foundation. So for someone like me, I didn’t need to pack on a ton of foundation as a little bit goes a long way – but then again, what fun is that? So I applied it as normal to ensure I got that full coverage as well, but I noticed that it dries up and has a very powdery finish that made my face look dry. But this only happened with the foundation stick, not the contour stick. But, never fear, there’s always a fix!

I would highly recommend using an oil or face serum to mix in with the foundation to help break it up a bit and allow for the creamy application to actually stay creamy. My favorite serum right now is the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir (now available at Sephora), so that is what I used, along with my trusty Beauty Blender, to help blend out the foundation and contour on my face and to help hydrate my face so the foundation wouldn’t have a dry, powdery finish (especially since I usually set my T-zone and contour with powders). Needless to say, it definitely helped and stayed on flawlessly all night!

All in all, I would give this product a 4 out of 5 as it is super convenient, great coverage, and finishes nicely; however, it does require a bit of oil or serum to get the best application out of it, especially for those with dry skin.

You can check out my Instagram @the_makeupmistress for my completed look with these products!

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